Puk Puk Pre-Cooked Chicken
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Get Pukked! There's A New Chick On The Block. 

Puk Puk - Just Eat Chicken

After much clucking, a MotherPucking egg was hatched

It was on the edge of the Karoo desert, the heat was baking and the earth was crisp, where our brave founders, Alex and Taylor, hatched their deviously delicious plan.

They had been driving through the barren wasteland for hours, searching for their next big adventure. After being assailed by miggies, dust, the occasional lamb, and one very strange man in the bush, it hit them!

Like a bolt of lightning from the heavens, the perfect adventure was conceived. They would create a chicken brand like no other. A chicken brand that would out-cook your mother!

Alex and Taylor knew that the people of South Africa were in desperate need of a delicious, fully-cooked chicken - ready to eat in under 15 minutes. They set out to create a unique concept that would bring the bold taste of African Flava to the masses, a concept that would reign supreme in Chicken Country.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, they set out to make their dream a reality, armed with nothing but a fork and an intangible idea of the perfect African Flava.

They trekked the length and breadth of South Africa, searching for the perfect ingredients, the right suppliers, and the secret to the perfect chicken. After months of tireless work, their chicken brand was hatched. An instant hit, with lines stretching for miles, as people clamoured for a taste of their juicy, succulent birds.

As Alex and Taylor drove through the barren landscape, they couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments. They had created something truly unique, something really juicy! A brand that would change the South African Chicken game forever.

No going back, no time to rest, they rode it out, pushing their limits and their succulent chickens to the edge. As they drove into the scorching sun, they knew that they were on their way to greatness, with a brand that was destined to become the king of the Karoo.

So here's to Puk Puk Chicken, a brand born from the fervent wild dreams and determination of two adventurous entrepreneurs. And here's to Alex and Taylor, two of the most fearless chicken pioneers to ever grace the South African landscape.

May their chickens forever be juicy, succulent, and bursting with African Flava.
We saw a gap, and we took it.

We're Pucking Bold!

What sets Puk Puk apart from other chicken brands in the country is that it will bring proudly African flavours into homes. It is evident that the South African consumer is looking for value for money, quality, fun and engaging, CONVENIENT and different, which is exactly what Puk Puk intends to bring to the table!

With these insights, expertise and passion, a new idea was born.

Ready, Steady, Puk Puk... Go!

Puk Puk focuses on affordable, accessible, delicious CHICKEN  with a dash of tongue in cheek humour, which is the ultimate recipe to bringing families together.

Puk Puk – Just Eat Chicken

It’s pucking good!

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